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Frostbite Winter Series


Frostbite dates for 2011

     January 9, 2011    February 6, 2010    

These shows are great for everbody to enjoy! They cater to a variety of interests, including both English and Western disciplines. They are useful in maintaining you and your horse's physical and mental condition for the upcoming shows this Spring and Summer.
Pre-registration ends the Thursday before every show and offered at $ 6 per class.
Registration on the day of these shows are $8 per class.
Start time of these shows is 9:30 A.M.

Click below link for registration and more infromation.


Information and Registration Form

We hope to see you there!

Class List:
3) Leadline 8 and under e/w
4) Bareback Eq. walk e/w
5) Bareback Eq. western walk/jog
6) Bareback Eq. w/j/l
7) Walk Eq. e/w 12 and under
8) Walk Pleasure e/w 12 and under
9) Stockseat Eq. w/j
10) Western Pleasure w/j
11) Stockseat Eq. w/j/l
12) Western Pleasure w/j/l
13) Western Command

14) Novice Rider w/t (just learning to trot—diagnols not to count)
15) Novice Horse w/t (green horses in 1st or 2nd year of showing may not enter jumping classes over 2’)
16) English Eq. w/t
17) English Pleasure w/t/c
18) Novice w/t/c (rider or horse first year showing w/t/c may not enter other w/t/c classes)
19) English Eq. w/t/c
20) English Pleasure w/t/c
21) English Command w/t/c

22) Trail e/w walk
23) Trail e/w w/t

24) Hunter Hack w/t (2 cross rails)
25) Hunter Hack w/t/c (2 fences) 2’

28) Jumper Time First Round 2’
29) Jumper Time First Round 2’
30) Jumper Time First Round 2’3”-2’6”
31) Jumper Time First Round 2’3”-2’6”
32) Jumper Time First Round 2’9”-3’
33) Jumper Time First Round 2’9”-3'

**) Gambler’s Choice if time permits

34) Barrels w/t
35) Barrels open
36) Single Pole w/t
37) Single Pole open
38) Pole Bending w/t
39) Pole Bending open
40) Texas Rollback open

e/w= English or Western
w/j= walk/jog
w/j/l= walk, jog, lope
w/t= walk/trot
w/t/c= walk, trot, canter
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